Monday, August 10, 2009

Paying it Forward

So today I stumbled upon The 3/50 Project, maybe I'm a little behind but I just heard about this awesome movement! I happened upon it through Little Lambs Children's Boutique blog, speaking of-- shout out to a local business right in our back yard in the wonderful Pell City, Alabama!! {thanks mandy shea for hooking me up with them}

It's a simple concept really, and I'm ashamed at myself of how hard I had to think to pick my three!

Okay here it is real simple: Pick 3 independently owned businesses you would miss if they were gone, spend at least $50 dollars a month between the three and we could positively impact our Brick and Mortar right here at home!!

My Three:
(1) Handy Mart Springville AL
(2) Girly Girlz Springville AL
(3) Sal's Italian Restaurant Springville AL

If you live anywhere near me, I'm sure you have frequented Number one since you were in high school!! Could you imagine Springville without the Handy mart??? We have already lost the Dairy Dip, which is where I met my husband- I was so sad when they tore the building down!
Number two, Girly Girlz, did you forget you had a birthday party or a baby shower this weekend! Swoop on by Girly Girlz and you can find something for any chick you know from 2-100 yrs old!!
Number Three, can I just say, Chicken Parmesan like nobody's business!! Mmmnnn!! Love Sal's.
I know I don't live in Springville anymore, but it is my hometown and I am still there every week- what can I say, I'm partial to my Alma Mata!
Downtown Springville, Pell City, Ashville and Odenville, pretty much all of St. Clair County has something to offer you in the line of local owned businesses.
So the concept of saving our local economy three stores at a time is pretty cool! Sometimes you may pay a little more than you would per say online for an item you could purchase at one of the local boutiques, but you have to pay shipping online, and you don't get to check the quality of the product, run the risk of having a safe CC transaction, or these days even getting the product with all the internet scams! I feel great when I support a local business, I feel like I am paying it forward! I encourage my blog buds to comment on your three and try the 3/50. I plan on making it a point to do just that every month!!


  1. cool idea! never heard of it! definitely has my thinking where I spend my money.

  2. Hey. this is mary. I finally got moved and changed my blog it is not fight for life anymore it is Paint